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frequently asked questions

How do I create a player account?
How do I send a challenge?
How do I input moves (fast)?
What are “Bullet”, “Blitz” and “Long”?
How do I get a higher rank?
Forgotten your password?
Can I save my own games?
How do I become a full member on

How do I create a player account?

You can create a new player account by clicking on the Login button.

On the bottom left, you will see a link entitled “Register new account”. Click on it to open the dialog for creating a new account.

You can enter information into the following fields:

Name = This will be your server name and will appear in the player lists
E-Mail = You will need an email account in the event that you forget your password.

An email address is also required for verifying your account and will be used in the first step of the verification process. (The address you provide us with is for identification purposes only and will be treated confidentially and not used for advertising).

. You have to enter your desired password twice to make sure that you have entered it correctly

The chat window will then display some information about your connection and login.

How do I send a challenge?

There are many different ways to find an opponent on The simplest way to challenge other players is by going to the home screen and clicking on the “Play blitz” button in the shape of a lightning bolt, which sends a seek into the server’s player pool.

Play blitz
- starts a game in which both players have 5 minutes each for the entire game

Play bullet
- starts a game in which both players have 1 minute each for the entire game

Play slow
- 15 Minuten Bedenkzeit für jeden Spieler
If you click on one of these buttons, the server will automatically match you with an opponent and start a game with the time control you have selected.
You can also use the seek panel on the bottom of the screen to tailor your game even more:

Here, you can set your desired game time:

“Time” is the number of minutes that each side gets for the entire game, and “Gain per move” is the increment added to your total time after each move.

How do I input moves (fast)?

Your opponent’s last move is shown with a yellow arrow on the chessboard. You can input a move by clicking on a piece and dragging it to its destination square with your mouse.

Tip: You can input moves, called “premoves” while your opponent is thinking about his reply.

This function is very useful and can save valuable (milli)seconds in a blitz or a bullet game. Your premoves will be shown on the board with a green arrow.

If you subsequently decide that the premove you have entered is not the move you want to make, you can cancel it by right-clicking anywhere on the board.

What are “Bullet”, “Blitz” and “Long”?

On, you have to play rated games to get a rating - but of course, that’s the whole point! There are three different rating categories: “Bullet”, “Blitz” and “Long” - but how long do you have to checkmate your opponent for each rating?

Bullet: Less than 3 minutes per player per game, e.g. 1+0 (1 minute for all moves without an increment) 2+0, 2+1, 0+1.

Blitz: Between 3 and 15 minutes per player per game.

Slow: More than 15 minutes per player per game.

How do I get a higher rank?

Every player has a rank, and these are determined by the length of time that a player has been a member (login days) as well as their strength. FIDE Grandmasters are assigned the rank King on request, and International Masters receive the rank Queen. The following table sets out the requirements for other players:


The symbol to the left of a player’s name indicates that player’s rank. Players who have logged in to the server on at least 500 different days get assigned a black piece - that way you can see which players are particularly active on

Forgotten your password?

Can I save my own games?

How do I become a full member on

If you would like to have access to everything has to offer, you can buy one of two different types of membership from the ChessBase online shop:
Classic membership costs €32,90 for one year and offers basic functionality, such as being able to play rated games and chat etc.

Premium-Mitgliedschaft costs €49,90 for one year. Premium members benefit from a host of additional features*:

· Free training with trainers including Daniel King, Karten Müller, Valeri Lilov, Dennis Breder and many more
· Live commentary on the transmission of top tournaments e.g. with Daniel King, Maurice Ashley and others
· Access to the complete Premium archive

  Tip: Bei Deep Fritz 14Tip: Deep Fritz 14 comes with free Premium membership to for 6 months!
* All Premium content can only be accessed using the free client for Windows or with the latest programs in the Fritz series