The ultimate chess experience

Play chess online at, where every day 20,000 players – from beginners to Grandmasters - log on to play from all over the world!

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Play right away: With 200,000 registered users from 90 countries, thousands of players are online at any one time, meaning you will always find the perfect opponent - without having to wait!



Kibitz top tournaments, listen to live Grandmaster commentary, chat with other players and follow the most important games all at once with’s unique multiboard view..



Fancy some training? With a master, perhaps? There is training on offer for players of all strengths and abilities – including private lessons. Or how about pitting yourself against a titled player in a simul?


You call the shots

Fancy a long game? Or would you rather play blitz or bullet? You decide how long your games last. Alternatively, why not start your own server tournament or transmit the games from your club championship online?

What’s your rating?

Show everyone just what you can do and improve your rating with regular play and training. Meet up with your clubmates for online tournaments and fuel those healthy team rivalries.

Level playing field

On you will always find an opponent suited to your level – because you decide how strong your opponents are, as well as the time on the clocks – and whether the game will be rated or not.

All set up

To play sensible chess you need a sensible board. On, you’ll play with the professional Fritz-style pieces - and where else would you get “premove” for instantaneous replies?

No waiting

If you want to play blitz – you don’t want to wait. facilitates rapid move exchanges with its high-performance, high-bandwidth servers and seriously low ping times.

We are there for you is fair - a large team of tournament directors and Sysops is on hand to make sure unfair players don't spoil things for everyone else. Cheaters can't hide from our intelligent monitoring software either.

the live experience

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Taking a break from tournament chess is bad for your form. On, you can take part in an official tournament nearly every night of the week for prizes and a podium finish, and that’s not to mention the host of privately organized tournaments!

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Feel the tension and learn valuable lessons from Grandmaster commentators: What was Carlsen thinking with that pawn sacrifice? Did Aronian miscalculate in taking on f7?

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Watch Carlsen, Kramnik or Anand when everything is hanging in the balance and experience the decisive moments, stunning victories and crushing defeats first hand - you can be there when the gloves come off!

Analyse & learn

  • Live commentary
  • Endgame Magic Show
  • Master coaching
  • Powerplay show
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Be there when Carlsen, Anand, Kramink & Co. are fighting to decide between triumph and defeat. Look forward to riveting live analysis for all the top tournaments from commentators like Klaus Bischoff (German Champion 2013), Daniel King, Maurice Ashley and many more!

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How do you pull off a successful kingside attack? Where do my pieces belong? English GM and commentator Daniel King expands your knowledge in his interactive and extremely entertaining “Powerplay” show.

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Endgame expert Dr. Karsten Müller welcomes prestigious guests such as Peter-Heine Nielsen, Alexei Shirov and others to explore the fascinating world of endgames

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A comprehensive training program with international titled players. Learn about sharp surprise weapons or ingenious strategies all by looking at recent Grandmaster games. Every week. In English and German!